A downloadable game for Windows

An 80's themed typing game. Listen to some 80's style music while improving your typing.  A Short Prototype.

Featuring 3 levels :  - Miami, New York and Tokyo.
As well as Mini games like type asteroids.
With over 1000 words

Planned: More levels ( LA and maybe Wales with hard welsh words just for fun :P). Leader boards and achievements.

twitter: @rogue_sprite

Music and attributions : 
Give me a sign by Logicalize
Asteroid theme by Logicalize
Die historic by three chain links (cc license)
Hot nights in Los Angeles by three chain links (cc license)
Time again by  Parvus Decree (cc-na-sa license)
Under your spell by Broken elegance  (cc-a

Known issues:

  • Multiple Simultaneous button presses ignored sometimes.
  • Crash on start  [ FIXED ] 
  • Some of the stats aren't correct - this will be fixed next version.
  • leader boards and achievements coming soon. Just cleaning up some things there.
  • Sometimes Background surface renders as black if minimized for a while.

This game is a work in progress prototype, thus is likely to be a little buggy <3 

TagsPixel Art, Synthwave, typing
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

The download is a stand alone .exe simply run it to play. Currently Windows only.

The Games Save files should be located in appdata/Hottype folder.

May be flagged by avg as its from an unknown publisher , in such a situation press more info then allow. 


New - HotType_ver09.exe 39 MB
Old - HotType.exe 39 MB


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great presentation with a nice assortment of words, easy and hard. i liked the minigames mixed in. the level backgrounds felt samey; something more to set them more apart visually would be cool. all in all, good ol typing fun!

this is really really really fun!!! really nice to see a simple typing game that is not made exclusively for school aged kids or is super super boring. keep up the radical work!!! i did have a bug where the sound didnt work on the initial boot up, but a quick restart fixed it. im not sure how to replicate it and its a easy fix on the user end so not a big deal but i though i should say something anyways just incase

I always love me a good typing game. In terms of game feel, this game is fantastic. Every press is satisfying, crunchy and fun. Navigating the menu is also a joy.
The game paces itself well and overall I really liked the game. My only point of frustration is a side-effect of the font used. While it does give a certain sense of A E S T H E T H I C S to the game, it also makes it a bit difficult to tell O and D apart, specially when under pressure and a lot of special effects. Not sure about the solution on this one, maybe edit the font slightly to allow better differentiation between them?
I don't know.

By the way, I got an S! I'm usually pretty bad at most games, but I think I shine in typing challenges. Thanks for the experience.

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That is a really great game. Not a lot to say about a typing game, but the a e s t h e t i c s (overused word) in this game are on point. The fonts, animations (of letters), backgrounds, music, city's, random weird words, are good enough for me. What you could do is expand the game to have more words and levels. Not a lot to say. The game is easy and fun to play.

Also more music would be great.

And a leaderboard that you forgot about for a year of course.


REALLY Love This Game! It Has a Nice   a e s t h e t i c   and I Really Would Suggest That People Download This if they have too much confidence because this game is legit difficult, and i think it made me more humble of my typing skills hh. Only Thing I Don't Like About it, Would Be How Hard The Words Tend to Be to Read Because The Individual Letters Move Up and Down. Other Than That; Love This Game to Bits, and I Can't Wait For When/if it Gets Updated!

Your game is fantastic! Thank you so much!

Ok, so I was trying the game and got to the asteroids minigame, and now I may have a problem:

Really addictive (Notice the bugged highscore please)

Negatives: Some letters tend to be confused (X and K, A and R, etc)

Really fun game. Good work